Nominations - April 2017 Employee of the Month

Nominations are being accepted for the April 2017 Employee of the Month award.

Please submit your nomination here.

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, April 28.

News from the State Library:

Last week on April 5th, the Ohio Digital Library topped 1 million checkouts for the year!  We are close to 90,000 checkouts ahead of where we were in 2016.

Oxford's wellness checks and wellness fair




Patrick Hayes - March 2017 Employee of the Month

Patrick Hayes (Oxford Shelver) is the March 2017 Employee of the Month. Lesley Hardy nominated Patrick and wrote:

"During a recent period Patrick Hayes handled more than his usual amount of shelving, due to staff shortages. It was a huge job, and he worked hard to keep it all organized and up-to-date. His contribution helped library operations move forward smoothly in what could have been a tough patch. He deserves our appreciation."

Congratulations, Patrick! He receives his choice of 4 extra hours of vacation or a $50 gift certificate.

Also nominated:

Annette Clayton - "Consistently helpful"
Shyann Thomas - "Very good with patrons, smiles a lot which is important!"
Caroline Williams - "Friendly and conscientious"
Mollie Sweeney - "always impressed by her attention to detail [and] her dedication to the library's shelving"
Chad Wonsik (x2) - "has a deep knowledge of library resources and provides exceptional service to patrons"
Lindsay Ross-Roberts - "so helpful to all our patrons and is very pleasant on a day to day basis"
Amanda Northcutt - "always thinking of new ways to improve things ... able to develop high quality programming"
Sarah Hedrick - "Last week...patron was so appreciative and just couldn't compliment her enough!"
Kristen Howard - "She always does what is needed, without complaint. The Lane Library could use more Kristen's!"
Heidi Martin (x3) - " the best people that ever has worked at The Lane Libraries" [!!!]
Brad Spurlock - "He is always busy doing something, but can still make time for anyone that needs help."
Michael Winstead - "makes every single day sparkle with happiness!" [!!!]
Michaela Perkins (x2) - "isn't afraid to shelve all the DVDs and in record time!"
Celeste Swanson - "the type of person who makes you feel like everything you say is so important"
Alex Scales - "very helpful personality and great with patrons"
Jennifer Bonnlander - "one of the best shelvers I have seen. She comes in and immediately goes to work."
Matthew Reisiger - "hard to find a young person willing to work as hard. Will go far in whatever career"
Danielle White - "there to lend a helping hand. Also doing a fabulous job with being our Wellness Representative."
Jen Umbstead - "She never gives up, tenacious when it comes to solving a problem.  Her memory is unbelievable"
Nicole Getson - "quick and accurate research, tech proficiency, creative ideas and fun, popular programs."
Evelyn Johnson (x2) - "quickly diagnosed solutions to book return issues, and made sure all involved were updated."

Personnel Change

Anne Wright began work at Oxford as a Part-time Shelver on March 20, 2017.
Allison Doerman began work at LPL as a Full-time Public Librarian on March 20, 2017.

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