Nominations are being accepted for the July 2017 Employee of the Month award.

Nominations are being accepted for the July 2017 Employee of the Month award.

Please submit your nomination here.

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, July 28.

Someone asked if nominees can read their full nominations. I encourage you to email your nominee if you would like to share. If you'd like to remain anonymous, email me the nomination with nominee's name and I will make sure it is sent to them anonymously.

Personnel Change

Michaela Perkins began work at Hamilton as a full-time Public Service Associate on July 10, 2017.

Personnel Change

Lauren Paletta began work at Fairfield as a full-time Public Service Assistant on July 10, 2017.

Tracy Ward - June 2017 Employee of the Month

Tracy Ward (LAC Bookkeeper) has won the June 2017 Employee of the Month award. Brendan Packert nominated Tracy and wrote, succinctly:

"Tracy does so much for the library system, she deserves some well deserved recognition!"

Congratulations, Tracy! She wins her choice of a $50 gift card or 4 extra hours of vacation.

Also nominated:
Adam Fisher - "A patron pulled me aside today, highly complimentary and greatly appreciative of the assistance [Adam] gives her on the computer."
Alex Scales - "I've lost track of the number of times that Alex has lent a helping had to me or to one of the other workers here"
Ashley Houchins (x2 nominations) - "Thank you so much, Ashley, for hustling so hard to help out another location!"
Brad Spurlock - "know I am a better employee because of ALL the help and guidance Brad has offered to me since I have joined the Hamilton staff"
Brea McQueen (x3) -  "really taken a lead role on organizing our Edible Innovations program this fall"
Caitlin Campbell - "hosted a marathon-length Harry Potter birthday party that likely broke attendance records and magically turned some glum-looking faces...into smiley ones."
Connie Everhart - "[notices] issues that relate to patrons’ interests, comfort and safety and taking steps to better the situation"
Donna Rumpler (x2) - "instrumental in establishing programs and library visits for our senior and homebound patrons."
Heidi Martin (x2) - "cleared out a great deal of old McNaughton books for me. She did this without being asked. She did this when she had a little down time."
Jeff Baker (x3) - "a real life library rock star"
John Taggart - "a positive power of kindness and happiness"
Julie Wirtz - "Outstanding! I'm going to miss her so much when she leaves because she is such a hard worker."
Keely Moloney (x2) - "knowledgeably and generously serves patrons, constantly upgrades her library skills and services, anticipates patron interests and cooperates with co-workers"
Kristen Howard - "Just the other day, she only had 20 minutes left with no shelving tasks to do, so instead she helped me get caught up in drive-thru"
Laura Donnell - "had the insight to have the patron call about curb side service and the patron's friend was able to get her hold for her that way"
Matt Leffler - "combines keen awareness of new developments in technology with outstanding customer service"
Michaela Perkins - "ALWAYS working. You will never look at her and she'll just be there"
Mike Busam (x2) - "cannot thank Mike enough for the HUGE help he was to the LPL staff on the Tuesday after our big Memorial Day weekend internet outage"
Nicole Getson - "consistently provides fun, engaging programs that attract various age groups and bring lots of people into the library"
Regan Coleman (x2) - "such a hard worker, and our patrons adore her"
Samantha Harris - "converted the remainder of our World War II Oral Histories from audiotapes to digital format so that they can now be uploaded to the web"
Sarah Gifford - "public has enthusiastically participated in her bag ice cream making and the Nature Photo contest"
Sarah Turner (x2) - "Thank you so much, Sarah, for hustling so hard to help out another location!"
Tamee Johnson - "cheerfully lends a hand to busy workmates when it is needed most"

Personnel Change

April Huerta began work at Fairfield as a part-time Public Service Assistant on June 28, 2017.

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