October 2016 Employee of the Month award - Nominations

Nominations are being accepted for the October 2016 Employee of the Month award.

Submit your nomination here.

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, October 28.

Internal Job Posting

Personnel Change

James Brenner began work at Fairfield as a Part-time Shelver on October 13, 2016.

September 2016 Employee of the Month - Alice Radlinski-Ahrens

Alice Radlinski-Ahrens (Oxford) is the September 2016 Employee of the Month. Rebecca Evans nominated Alice and wrote:

Alice is just "right there" and "ready" to help with a project or task or to solve a problem. She has that needed "knack" of knowing where to find just the right item needed at the right time--like fishing wire to cut the cake, or a camera to capture the event. Alice is the epitome of capability! She brings pleasantness and positive humor to every place she goes. She is inventive and open to suggestions from the challenging teens and has opened new lines of communication and activities there. A workday is always brighter if Alice is there.

Congratulations to Alice, who also received this honor in August 2013. She wins her choice of a $50 gift card or 4 extra hours of vacation.

Also nominated: Lesley Hardy, Samantha Harris, Laura Barnette (2 nominations), Matthew Leffler,
Nicole Getson (2 nominations), Lisa Hires, April Huerta, Rebecca Evans, Megan Hart, Jennie Wright and Keely Moloney

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